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Vote for my Halloween costume?!

The Ghost of Coverture costume idea mentioned in ep. 12 is a finalist for the Above The Law costume contest! Vote on page 3!!...

Why did we change our tagline?

You might have noticed that we changed our tagline from "The only podcast about law school hosted by current law students" to "The only...

News story discussion mentioned in ep. 15

Hi listeners, Lydia here. This is the article I mentioned in episode 15. If anyone would like to read it with me through a legal lens,...

Free review videos mentioned in ep. 15

These Studicata videos are available for free and are really helpful.

Stare decisis article mentioned in ep. 14

From the Michigan Law Review, Stare Decisis and the Rule of Law by Jeremy Waldron:

An actual definition of torts!

Professor Wiley from American University Washington College of Law breaks it down:

More on Miranda Rights

Lydia mentioned Miranda v. Arizona in ep. 14 and recommends this podcast episode if you want to learn more: https://www.backstoryradio.or...

Campaign mentioned in ep. 12

Check out the Close the Workhouse campaign, especially if you're in St. Louis. Feel free to email Lydia if you want to volunteer with her!

A movement of paralegals

The community paralegals model is powerful. Check out Vivek Maru's talk and open source book.

Open source citations

If you're not in law school and don't have the Blue Book, check out the Indigo Book!

The Best Dissent, from Ep. 11

Arabian's dissent in Nahrstedt v. Lakeside Village Condominium Ass'n, Inc. is incredible.

Contract law and Kickstarter from Ep. 10

Here's the Kickstarter Lydia backed and never got a reward from. Please laugh at the video and not at the fact that she pledged to the...

Baby's First Hypo: homework from Ep. 10

Megan reads Professor Armijo's model answer on episode 10! Here is Lydia's attempt. First impressions The first thing I thought about...

Case resources mentioned in Ep. 8

Never read a case before? Episode 8 might not make a ton of sense. Try this, it'll be fun*: 1) Check out an Open Casebook or search for...

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