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Eugenics presentation from Ep. 77

Hello all! Please follow along with the slides from episode 77 by clicking this file. Thank you for sticking with us for a long episode!...

Tax presentation from Ep. 51

Lydia's presentation for her clinic last week, shared on Episode 51! Follow along as you listen for a multimedia podcast experience.

STL News: The Workhouse WILL Close!

Today, the Board of Aldermen voted to close the Workhouse!!! It will be closed by the end of this year. The vote was unanimous....

Public comments on asylum from Ep. 42

Hi listeners, Lydia here. There's a lot of material out there describing the proposed asylum changes and how to write a public comment in...

Lydia's Law School Meal Prep Calendar

Before law school I made a really big meal prep calendar for myself because I figured I wouldn't have time in school to meal prep and...

Podcasts we like! From ep. 20

Podcast name // Recommended episode Megan's rec! Risk // S. 10, Ep. 17 For the Love of Nubbins Lydia's recs! Displaced // Climate Change...

ABA 509 Reports mentioned in ep. 20

509 Reports can be helpful when you're comparing schools. If you search for the name of the school followed by "ABA 509," it should come...

Leeches from ep. 19

Okay it's not the same as cupping.

Ep. 17's Natalie Portman inspiration

Just watching the ad inspires. (This is not a promotion for...

The birthday party from ep. 18

Old but still CUTE.

Free Rodney Reed

Please sign if you haven't already: More info:

Strict liability lecture mentioned in ep. 16 UPDATE: There is a whole archive of Emerson's lectures for free!

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