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Podcasts we like! From ep. 20

Podcast name // Recommended episode

Megan's rec!

Risk // S. 10, Ep. 17 For the Love of Nubbins

Lydia's recs!

Displaced // Climate Change Displacement is Happening Now

Current Affairs - Ep. 23 You Can Call Me Weird Al

99% Invisible // Ep. 361 Built on Sand (Bonus! Forgot to mention this one.)

Le Tchip // Ep. 21 Paris-Toronto

Radio Ambulante // S. 4, Ep. 3 Nosotros Decidimos

Unorthodox // Ep. 181 Spies Like Us

Jesuitical // Ep. 119 Pope Francis' struggle to reform the Catholic Church

Mormon Stories // Eps. 1148-1156 with Donna Showalter Backstory // Ep. 274 Death on the Assembly Line

Hardcore History // Eps. 43-47 Wrath of the Khans (now behind a paywall :<)

Revolutions // Season 10 The Russian Revolution

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Hello all! Please follow along with the slides from episode 77 by clicking this file. Thank you for sticking with us for a long episode! We hope you learn something, and we strongly encourage you to s

Lydia's presentation for her clinic last week, shared on Episode 51! Follow along as you listen for a multimedia podcast experience.

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