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Why did we change our tagline?

You might have noticed that we changed our tagline from "The only podcast about law school hosted by current law students" to "The only podcast narrating all three years of law school." This is because we've come across two podcasts about law school hosted by current law students!

1) Hate 2 See It (Apple) (Spotify), presented by the Harvard Black Law Students Association

2) Law School After Dark (Spotify), hosted by two 3Ls at William & Mary

These podcasts started up after we published the website with our first tagline. Thank you for sharing them with us. Y'all, check them out! And please let us know if you hear of any other podcasts about law school by law students!

Update 11/7

3) Bad Breaches (Multiple platforms), presented by two 2Ls

Started before our podcast, no idea how we missed this!

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