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The only podcast narrating all three years of law school.


Megan attends Elon University School of Law in Greensboro, NC. 

 Lydia attends Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, MO. 

Megan and Lydia met biking across the country with the affordable housing organization Bike & Build.

About Us
Our Values


Why even make a podcast?



We know we're going to be suffering in school. If you're a student too, we are in this together! We hope you'll feel the love when you tune in. You’re not alone, my dudes. Maybe you know someone in law school and can get ideas for supporting them by listening to us. Maybe you're a law school grad and want to reminisce with us, or are just now thinking of applying. Whoever you are, welcome! Please write to us using the contact form below. We don’t want to sequester ourselves away hoarding our new expertise, forsaking all else to get the top grade. School isn’t a break from “real life."

Social Justice

We both applied to law school intending to gain a skill set that would make us more valuable to social justice movements. Law school culture seems agnostic towards students' career goals. By publicly talking about our goals, we hope to stay accountable to ourselves and to you.


It's hard to find out what law school is really like. Current students can be too busy to give a full report. Alumni can rely on the benefit of hindsight. We’ve heard the one sentence reports: "it's horrible," "it's unlike anything you've ever done.” Skimming through internet forums, we don’t think we’re alone in wondering what law school is really like. We value access and hope this show gives more people a window into law school. We believe the world needs people who aren't already close with lawyers to become lawyers, and the world needs people who might not actually enjoy law to explore other paths before committing to the debt of law school.


We are joyful to be alive and to have the chance to work towards something we care about. It’s a rare thing. We hope to share some of our joy with you by entertaining you. Laugh with us, laugh at us, we're glad you're here. ***This podcast is produced for entertainment purposes only. Nothing we say should be interpreted as legal advice.***

We can think of two big reasons a podcast like this has not been made before. 1) Law school is so demanding that taking the time to make a podcast could negatively affect our grades, and 2) publishing casual conversations about struggling through school doesn't fit the professional image budding lawyers are trying to form. We believe that slightly risking grades and professional image to build community, keep ourselves accountable, increase access and bring you joy is worth it. Balancing these values means the production value of this podcast will not be A+. Please be graceful with our messiness.


Have questions or feedback for us? Add a memo to our briefcase!


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